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If you would like to contact us about any aspect of the Rail Trail or Amy Gillett Bikeway then we'd love to hear from you. You can tell us how you use the Trail, or maybe suggest something that we could do to enhance it. E-mail us as at or simply complete the form below:





Code of Conduct

*  Respect other users of the trail.
*  Keep left and do not block the trail.
*  Cyclists should approach horses with care. Alert others to your approach and overtake on the right at reduced speed.
*  Please take your rubbish home. “Carry in: Carry out”
*  Keep to the trail as adjoining land is private property.
*  Horses must not be galloped on the trail surface.
*  Please comply with all notices and advisory directions.

About Us

The Adelaide Hills Rail Trail Committee.
The committee are a group of local volunteers who meet on the third Tuesday of each month.
a. to promote and encourage the development of a multi-use rail trail from Balhannah to Mt Pleasant for recreational and transport use by walkers, cyclists and horse riders;
b. to promote an open and consultative approach in our work with stakeholders within the project;
c. to act as possible as a public voice on behalf of those in the community that are supportive of the rail trail;
d. to promote and encourage a safe, healthy, environmentally sustainable trail network;
e. to deliver a strategic approach in the development of the trail ensuring that the economic benefits to the community are maximised.


Membership fees paid to AHRT will go toward informative and promotional material such as our website and brochures. Membership fees will help defray costs incurred by the committee in the interests of all users of the Amy Gillett Bikeway.
Members have the right to vote at meetings.
Your on-going membership will help keep the AHRT financial and viable, enabling the committee to continue to benefit the users by liaising between the public and government bodies involved with the trail, regarding improvements, signing, maintenance etc.
Click here to download the membership form.