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Directions from the South Eastern Freeway to the Amy Gillett Bikeway - CLICK HERE
A list of other rides that can be done in the area will be added soon

Woodside Loop

This is a short extension to the basic AGB return trip.
It has gentle uphill grades, and quiet roads. All sealed roads. Start from Balhannah oval, AGB to Woodside. Tolmer Road, Ridge Road, Pfieiffer Road, Riverview Road, on to AGB again, back to Balhannah. View Map

Ride 1 - Oakbank - Woodside ()

4kms - Easy, shallow gradiant (allow 20 mins)
Approximately 4km of trail, running parallel with Onkaparinga Valley Road, includes several bridges. Road intersections are clearly marked with Give Way signs. Runs alongside Gillman Park, a go-kart track used by the pedal-prix. Continue on past the winery to Woodside where recreation grounds include a playground, park, BBQs, toilets, and oval. Great for a pit stop! The township offers several eateries.

Lenswood Loop

This loop includes the apple orchards of the Lenswood area.
Quiet rural roads, all sealed, but with some moderate hill climbing.Click for Map

Ride 2 - Woodside - Charleston ()

7kms (one way) - Easy, flat (allow 25 mins)
Pick up the trail on Langbein Avenue, behind the Bakery. The trail meanders behind the Lutheran church, past a winery and vineyard before crossing back over the main road. Continuing north, the trail deviates into the paddocks, a delightful section of countryside. At the Charleston end, turn left to find the park, playground and public toilets.

Nairne Loop

A loop that includes the town of Nairne.
There is about 1 km of gravel road, and some moderately busy roads. There are some moderate hills. Click for Map

Ride 3 - Charleston - Mt Torrens()

8km (one way) - Impossible!!! Stage 3 being built in 2012!
Approval for Stage 3 of the Amy Gillett bikeway, between Charleston and Mt Torrens has been approved. We're very excited about that, so be patient - we hope that it will be ready to ride late 2012 - but check back here - we will keep you updated on progress!

Wineries Loop

A loop including several local wineries that are open for tastings, and in some cases meals.
The basic loop is all bitumen, with gentle slopes. Click for Map